Monthly Archives: October 2012

Read this if your Facebook page isn’t active

Here’s an insightful article on why people may not like, comment on or share your posts on Facebook – do any of these reasons hit home?

How Good are you at Identifying a Feature vs. a Benefit?

Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit in your bank’s communications? Take the quiz below! The Quiz: Is this a feature or benefit – just email me at with your answers. Cut and paste the list and add an “F” or “B” after each phrase – I’ll let you know…

Features, benefits and quarter inch holes

One of the toughest challenges in marketing has always been how to present and discuss benefits vs. features to an audience and have those messages resonate with value. Many very smart, intelligent people get confused – and that’s understandable! In the simplest terms, a feature is something that you offer – it’s about you. A…