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The Best Checking Account in America?

Money Magazine rated Ally Bank’s free checking account the best checking account in America this year. Rankings were based on a survey of  40 banks and 3 credit unions, looking at maintenance fees and ease of waiving them followed by other charges, restrictions, and perks such as interest. Consumers were not surveyed.  Steve Topper’s blog evaluates the selection…

Ready to Pay Checking Customers to Bank with You?

So, is this the newest trend in checking accounts – you pay the customer? You may recall an article I wrote 2 years ago($5 a Month), where a bank offered its customers $5 a month for their first year if they met certain minimum balance and recurring direct deposit criteria.  Although the bank has since…

Don’t Do This On LinkedIn!

A quick read from John Souza at Social Media Impact on the things people do on LinkedIn that make others angry, or hate you or see you as a stalker. The author also provides top line suggestions on how to use LinkedIn effectively. A good article.

50 Social Media Terms You Need to Know

Wondering what a hashtag does or what CPC stands for?  Amy McIIwain from Financial Social Media has put together a dictionary of 50 social media terms.  She includes universal terms as well as those used exclusively in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest.  Keep this handy and pass it on!

Tips for Enhancing Your Status Updates

Are you looking for fresh ideas for your social media updates?  Here’s an Infographic by ShortStack, published by Social Media Today, on different approaches you might want to consider.

Now What?

So  you have a Facebook page and a respectable number of likes – now what?  This article by Courtney Seiter provides some interesting ideas on what to do with your likes to help you accomplish your goals.  The UNICEF campaign example is startling and worth a look – how did you react to it?

CSI: Customer Satisfaction

A survey by Ernst & Young finds 63% of corporate executives say they are highly satisfied with the service they get from their core banking partners.  Do you know if your customers, especially your high value customers, would respond the same way?  And how about the other 37% – do you know what would make…

Best Days to Post an Email

Research by Marketing Sherpa  across all industries reflects that Tuesdays, followed closely by Wednesdays, are the best days to post an email.  The author cautions you that these results may not hold for all businesses and markets, so be sure to test this timing and track your results.  An interesting and quick read – what days are…

Who Has Time For Social Media?

Having trouble even imagining making time for social media?  This article by MarketingProfs offers some great tips on how to make the time, without taking too much time.  I think the most important tip is the first – figure out what you want to accomplish by engaging in social media.  Which tip do you think is the…

LinkedIn accused of using your contacts for promotional emails

LinkedIn is being sued for tapping into members’ contact lists and sending promotional emails to your contacts. The plaintiffs claim LinkedIn does this when your external email is open and you sign up for their “grow your network on LinkedIn” offer. It’s not clear that LinkedIn is denying they do this from this article from ars technica…