Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Best Checking Account in America?

Money Magazine rated Ally Bank’s free checking account the best checking account in America this year. Rankings were based on a survey of  40 banks and 3 credit unions, looking at maintenance fees and ease of waiving them followed by other charges, restrictions, and perks such as interest. Consumers were not surveyed.  Steve Topper’s blog evaluates the selection…

Ready to Pay Checking Customers to Bank with You?

So, is this the newest trend in checking accounts – you pay the customer? You may recall an article I wrote 2 years ago($5 a Month), where a bank offered its customers $5 a month for their first year if they met certain minimum balance and recurring direct deposit criteria.  Although the bank has since…

Don’t Do This On LinkedIn!

A quick read from John Souza at Social Media Impact on the things people do on LinkedIn that make others angry, or hate you or see you as a stalker. The author also provides top line suggestions on how to use LinkedIn effectively. A good article.