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Little Things Do Matter

A while back my husband and I were interviewing two highly recommended financial service providers, trying to decide which one we thought would be best suited for our needs and one we could trust. Both were highly qualified, had the experience, reputations and satisfied clients we thought were important in our selection criteria.  They were…

7 Habits of Highly Unhappy People

According to Psychology Today and University of California researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky, “40 percent of our capacity for happiness is within our power to change.”  Here’s the list of 7 habits to avoid  –  choose to be happy!  

Personalization – why it works

HubSpot discusses a study from the University of Texas on why we prefer personalization in marketing.  They state “we can attribute our preference for personalized experiences to two key factors: desire for control and information overload.” Regarding control: “You’re not just getting what everyone else is getting with personalization. Instead, you’re getting something tailored to you. And because…

Brain Biases for Marketers

The human brain is full of irrational thought processes, also called cognitive biases, that drive how we interpret what we see and hear. This article by HubSpot explains the top 5 biases, how they impact thought processing, and how marketers can successfully take these biases into consideration as we craft marketing messages. Of the 5 which…

I’m One of Those

Yes, I am one of those – I listen to music on my iPod while I ride my bike.  I only use the earbud in my right ear, so I can still hear the traffic, and I keep the music low so it’s really just background noise. So why do I do that?  After growing…


Great article by Don Peppers in the ABA Bank Marketing & Sales magazine about trustability, why it’s important and how to build it.    

More is Better

An interesting article by The Financial Brand that discusses the importance of frequency in advertising, because ads are more effective when repeated. “Studies suggest that repeated statements are perceived as more truthful than statements made less frequently, “presumably because repetition imbues the statement with familiarity.”” There’s also an interesting quote from an ad guy in…

Tips for Writing Headlines

If you create, edit or approve headlines then this article is for you. HubSpot reviews the things you should do, things to avoid, and debunks the myths.

Getting Ready for the Date

I remember when my daughter went to her first Homecoming dance.  She slaved over her choices when it came to the dress, shoes, and jewelry, and researched hairstyles, make-up, nail polish – you name it as she did everything possible to get ready for the big event. Her date on the other hand rolled home…

Social Media and Financial Institutions

A good article in American Banker on social media for financial institutions from  John Siracusa, president and ceo of mOSa Marketing.  He provides some thoughtful ideas on how to enhance what you may be doing and how to build your expectations over time.