Monthly Archives: March 2014

Great Billboards

If you are a fan of great billboards then you will enjoy this article.  You’ll see some of the most innovative billboards from around the world.  I like the one in the subway station as well as the one for British Airways. Which ones do you like best?  

Questions About SEO?

Not sure about SEO – what it means and how it can help you and your business? HubSpot has put together a Q&A with 18  top questions and answers to help you understand what the heck it means.  What did you learn from the list?  

Time For a New Shirt?

What do you wear to work?   Are your collars frayed, cuffs dirty, with coffee stains helter-skelter?  Do you wear patterns and colors that clash or do you look like you dress in the dark every morning?  Hopefully you’re chuckling right now and thinking of course not – what would my customers let alone my staff think?…

Are You Missing 33% of your Prospective New Checking Customers?

       Not a surprise that when shoppers begin to  search for a checking account with  a new financial institution, 38% exclude specific institutions because they’ve had  a bad experience.  Nothing new here. But did you know that according to a study by Novarica, if your financial institution suffers from a lack of awareness,…