Monthly Archives: August 2014

Getting Ready for the Date

I remember when my daughter went to her first Homecoming dance.  She slaved over her choices when it came to the dress, shoes, and jewelry, and researched hairstyles, make-up, nail polish – you name it as she did everything possible to get ready for the big event. Her date on the other hand rolled home…

Social Media and Financial Institutions

A good article in American Banker on social media for financial institutions from  John Siracusa, president and ceo of mOSa Marketing.  He provides some thoughtful ideas on how to enhance what you may be doing and how to build your expectations over time.    

Automated Thank You Machines

In case you missed it,  Forbes did a nice article on TD Bank’s Automated Thanking Machine (ATM) program where the bank’s ATMs offered meaningful thank you gifts to a few of their customers.  The bank captured and published these experiences in a heartwarming YouTube video, which has been seen by millions of people and gone viral on…