Yearly Archives: 2015

It’s Time

I know many financial institutions are rightly concerned about a loss of deposits when the Fed increases rates. And based on current projections, the vast majority of people in the know think rates will rise next week. So what are you doing to prepare and protect your depositors from leaving your institution, especially those customers…

How Your Prospects Make Decisions

Do you understand the science of persuasion and how people make decisions?  This is an excellent article on six universal shortcuts people use when they make a decision.  Use this information to understand what makes your prospects respond to your offers.  

More Uses for Facebook Content

According to an article in The Chicago Tribune,  information posted on Facebook and other social media sites will be used by FICO to determine credit scores.  Creepy or valid?  

Edible Billboards – What a Concept

A fun list of edible billboards from HubSpot. Check out the chocolate one – would you eat from it?  

A Great But Awful Ride

I had a great bike ride yesterday – I felt wonderful. But my numeric score for the ride was a -2, as in awful. Does this remind you of one of your sales or marketing campaigns? Felt right, made sense, but didn’t generate the results you wanted? How do you measure the success of your marketing…

How to Find an Email Address

3 tips from HubSpot on how to find an email address for someone you want to contact –  have you ever heard of Voila Norbert?    

5 Steps to Better Call to Action Buttons

Great advice from emma on how to create the most effective call-to-action (CTA) buttons to improve your email and website conversion rates.  She addresses color, copy, shape, size and placement and why some work better than others. Did you know that the color orange encourages immediate action – more so than other colors?  

Marketing Metrics – Don’t Be Misled

Lindsay Kolowich’s article, 12 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Probably Doesn’t Need to Hear About, is a great summary of common marketing metrics and what they really represent.  She advises marketers to focus on the metrics that management really wants to hear about – and describes those that are misleading and why. Good advice.  

3 Changes in Marketing

Short, interesting list of the top 3 changes in marketing from Seth Godin’s blog.  I think the second one on voluntary consumption is the biggest change – do you agree?

Really Creative and Memorable Business Cards

A fun collection of 30 memorable business cards from BoredPanda – I really like the creativity and utility of #24.  Which one is your favorite?