Monthly Archives: June 2015

Add an Empty Chair

We know it’s hard to stay focused on all the stakeholders in your bank or small business. Shareholders, employees, customers, prospects, media, the marketplace – it’s quite a juggling act keeping them all top of mind when you’re making decisions, addressing challenges and driving successful initiatives. According to Daniel Pink, Jeff Bezos from Amazon includes an…

Every marketing challenge revolves around these questions

From Seth Godin – 7  critical questions that must be answered before you recommend solutions to a marketing challenge.  Try them out the next time you face an opportunity or challenge!

10 Principles of Human Behavior That Influence the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

Another great article by HubSpot – this time on how your marketing can be so much more effective in driving business if you understand these 10 basic principles of human behavior.   Worth your time to read. – Lauren