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10 Years Fighting Crime

Yes, we just passed our 10-year anniversary fighting marketing crimes.  And yes bad marketing is a crime. When we started this business, we wanted to offer our customers practical and effective marketing ideas based on thoughtful marketing strategy and proven practices.  And help them implement these ideas successfully. Strategy seemed to be a missing component…

Hottest Online Marketing Trends

Check out this article if you want to see the hottest trends in Online Marketing.  Joe Caston from The Great Online gives us a good summary of what we need to know.    

Own It

Take a look at the full-page ads from Wells Fargo in the newspapers these days, titled “Moving Forward to Make Things Right.”  It is apologetic, promising that the bank is dedicated to its customers and lists the many actions they have taken to earn back the public’s trust. And it’s signed not by a person…

What is King if it isn’t Content?

Augie Ray hits the nail on the head in his Gartner blog titled Content is Vital, But it isn’t King.  He sites an intriguing list of stats to show that content is not “king” and presents the answer to what is.  You know the answer – but it’s worth it to read the article and his…


An interesting article on the legendary marketer Al Ries that discusses the origination of the concept of positioning – and how he turned the marketing world away from gratuitous creative to more strategic communications.   Thank you Al!  


Trust: “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence” ( Trust is a big component of a strong brand. A prospect will do business with you if they trust that you will deliver on your promises – whether that promise is made through the reputation you’ve carefully established, an…

3 Things Your Employees Need For Your Brand’s Success

Your employees represent your brand, especially if you are in a service related business.  Make sure you give them what they need with what Aimee Lucas describes in her article titled Success is Easier When Employees Believe These Three Things.

DIY Video Advice From a Pro

If producing a video is part of your marketing plan – read this article by Bryan Hagar of Hagar Films. Bryan’s cutting edge video content has appeared on corporate and entertainment websites ranging from Sports Illustrated and People Magazine and for corporate clients such as ARAMARK, Leprino Foods, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  By Bryan…

Social Media is NOT Word of Mouth

“Building a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn doesn’t equal effective marketing. In fact, it sucks resources from the thoughtful analysis and discussion required for creative problem solving.” So states Kevin Tynan, SVP of marketing at Liberty Bank in Chicago.  Read his article Facebook ‘Likes,’ Twitter Followers Won’t Buy You Customers for the rest of his thinking.  

34 Marketing and 41 Business Acronyms

Ever wonder what CTR or CAC means?  Lindsay Kolowich at HubSpot has created a comprehensive list of marketing & business acronyms & abbreviations, to help us out.   Keep this as a handy reference.