Monthly Archives: May 2017

HBR on Changing How You Think

Great article in the HBR by Mark Bonchek and Barry Libert titled To Change Your Strategy, First Change How You Think.  They discuss the importance of including mental and measurement models in business model transformations, with great examples of disruptive strategies that failed, (e.g. Ted by United) and those that succeeded, (e.g. Southwest Airlines), and why.    …

What is thought leadership—and how do you become a thought leader?

Great article on thought leadership by Wendy Marx on She defines what a thought leader is, and provides 6 strategies on how to become one. Keep this article handy when you want to become a thought leader!    

Who’s First?

Traveling across Kansas in January my husband and I saw a billboard with an intriguing headline:   “2nd Friendliest Yarn Store in the Universe.” The universe! We both started to guess who held the honor of 1st place – but not being knitters we were stumped.  Now there’s not much to look at driving on I-70…