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Social Media is NOT Word of Mouth

“Building a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn doesn’t equal effective marketing. In fact, it sucks resources from the thoughtful analysis and discussion required for creative problem solving.” So states Kevin Tynan, SVP of marketing at Liberty Bank in Chicago.  Read his article Facebook ‘Likes,’ Twitter Followers Won’t Buy You Customers for the rest of his thinking.


34 Marketing and 41 Business Acronyms

Ever wonder what CTR or CAC means?  Lindsay Kolowich at HubSpot has created a comprehensive list of marketing & business acronyms & abbreviations, to help us out.   Keep this as a handy reference.


Not All Millennials are Created Equal

Tired of reading marketing articles where the author lumps all Millennials into one profile?  Here’s a great article by Jim Marous from The Financial Brand titled Not all Millennials are Created Equal.  He discusses the results of a global research study by Oracle that segments Millennials into four subsegments: Young, Middle, Mature and Grey, and discusses their uses and preferences for financial services.  Finally – basic marketing segmentation and useful information.

Not All Millennials are Created Equal


Inspiration for Your Email Calendars

Are you looking for ideas for your next marketing email – or to fill in your email calendar?  Niti Shah from HubSpot presents an interesting list of 12 types of emails to inspire you.

Fix me! Fix me!

Do you fix the squeaky wheel or focus on what’s working when planning your next marketing strategy?  This article in MarketingOpsJournal discusses  two types of analytical findings when reviewing marketing results, and which one you should focus on to maximize your impact.  A good reminder.


Great article on trust by Seth Godin. He discusses the irrationality of trust – that it’s a byproduct of  symbols, expectations and mystery, not transparency.  Fascinating.

12 Psychological Biases and How They Affect How You Sell.

If you sell anything, even just your ideas, you should check out this article by Mike Renahan from HubSpot titled 12 Sneaky Psychological Biases That Affect How You Sell.  He explains what they are, examples, why we are susceptible to and how they affect salespeople.  #7 is especially interesting.


Best Super Bowl Commercials – Ever!

Super Bowl commercials – there are some years when they are the best part of the game.  USA Today ranked their top 50 favorite commercials and if you are a fan of commercials you will enjoy this walk down memory lane. I did!

Best and Worst Times to Post on Different Social Media

Wondering what’s the best time to post on social media? HubSpot has pulled together data and research collected by the folks at CoSchedule from a variety of sources, including QuickSproutSurePayroll, The Huffington Post, Buffer, TrackMaven, Fast Company, and KISSmetrics to help guide you.  An interesting infographic as well as recommendations on content.


How Your Prospects Make Decisions

Do you understand the science of persuasion and how people make decisions?  This is an excellent article on six universal shortcuts people use when they make a decision.  Use this information to understand what makes your prospects respond to your offers.