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Is Twitter Worth It?

Do you wonder if spending your marketing resources on Twitter is worth it?  Emma Fitzpatrick presents her thinking from a bank’s perspective in the ABA Marketing Journal, although what she says is relevant to all industries.  Useful food for thought as you plan your marketing resource priorities moving forward.   Is Twitter Still Worth Your…

Pumpkin Pie Avalanche

My daughter went to college in Colorado Springs and whenever we visited her, we would drive to Manitou Springs to a special place that offered mouth-watering soft-serve custard creations known as avalanches. Our favorite was the pumpkin pie avalanche. As we watched, the server would slice a generous piece of pumpkin pie and blend it…

Sleepless Nights

David Mead, from Mead Consulting, recently put together a great list of worries that keep CEOs and CFOs up at night. Here are a few of them: Is my company too passive? Have I spent too much time being internally focused? Is it time to take control and chart a new strategic direction for the business?…

What is thought leadership—and how do you become a thought leader?

Great article on thought leadership by Wendy Marx on She defines what a thought leader is, and provides 6 strategies on how to become one. Keep this article handy when you want to become a thought leader!    

Hottest Online Marketing Trends

Check out this article if you want to see the hottest trends in Online Marketing.  Joe Caston from The Great Online gives us a good summary of what we need to know.    

Own It

Take a look at the full-page ads from Wells Fargo in the newspapers these days, titled “Moving Forward to Make Things Right.”  It is apologetic, promising that the bank is dedicated to its customers and lists the many actions they have taken to earn back the public’s trust. And it’s signed not by a person…

What is King if it isn’t Content?

Augie Ray hits the nail on the head in his Gartner blog titled Content is Vital, But it isn’t King.  He sites an intriguing list of stats to show that content is not “king” and presents the answer to what is.  You know the answer – but it’s worth it to read the article and his…


An interesting article on the legendary marketer Al Ries that discusses the origination of the concept of positioning – and how he turned the marketing world away from gratuitous creative to more strategic communications.   Thank you Al!  

3 Things Your Employees Need For Your Brand’s Success

Your employees represent your brand, especially if you are in a service related business.  Make sure you give them what they need with what Aimee Lucas describes in her article titled Success is Easier When Employees Believe These Three Things.

34 Marketing and 41 Business Acronyms

Ever wonder what CTR or CAC means?  Lindsay Kolowich at HubSpot has created a comprehensive list of marketing & business acronyms & abbreviations, to help us out.   Keep this as a handy reference.