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If producing a video is part of your marketing plan – read this article by Bryan Hagar of Hagar Films. Bryan’s cutting edge video content has appeared on corporate and entertainment websites ranging from Sports Illustrated and People Magazine and for corporate clients such as ARAMARK, Leprino Foods, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

By Bryan Hagar

Producing video is an increasingly popular communication strategy. Technologically, video production has never been easier. In some cases, all that is necessary to capture and distribute high-definition video is a smartphone. Nevertheless, producing and distributing video for effective marketing and communications remains deceptively difficult.

Shoot, Ready, Aim…
Before the first frame of a video is shot you must have a firm grasp of the strategic objective you are trying to achieve with a video. A simple run through of the old who, what, where, why and when is all you need. Who will see the video? What specifically do you want the audience to know, learn, or understand? Where will the video be seen, in what format or channel? Why is video the best way to achieve this objective vs other media such as signs, point of purchase material, billboard, radio, etc.? When will this be seen and is that the right time to coincide with your strategic plan and other marketing initiatives?

Common Mistakes
“We don’t need no stinking script” – You can’t build a house without blueprints. You can’t make a video worth watching without a detailed and well thought through script. Pre-production planning and scripting are the most important part of the entire video production process.

No talking heads – A single person talking to the camera is deadly for the viewer. What will sell is action, beauty, design, and variety. Whenever possible, show the viewer what they want to see and have never seen before.

Short and sweet – Videos are getting shorter and shorter. Anything longer than 60 seconds needs to be justified by how well it holds the attention of the audience. A good strategy is to start any video with your best shot and the strongest message. Don’t hold back. Lay it all out there. You have precious few seconds to convince your viewer to keep watching. Make that strong first impression.

Be mindful of time – Everything has its season and so does every video. Outdated material is useless and can actually do harm to your brand. Remove or rotate video assets to keep them relevant and timely.

Know the audience – It can be a challenge to narrow the focus of a video but you will have far greater success targeting the message and production style of a video to a more precisely defined group or audience.

Produce once, deliver repeatedly – We can all see how our video will fit on YouTube but how about the 1000 plus other outlets for your completed content. The internet offers hundreds of options for posting and distributing your video. A very effective option a few people have capitalized on is the ability to embed video in mass email services such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. Be creative. Be persistent. People will not find your video unless you guide them to it.

Contact Bryan Hagar at 303-916-0328 if you would like to learn more about producing effective videos.


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