Don’t Be The Codfish

The codfish lays 10,000 eggs

The homely hen just one

The codfish never cackles, to tell you what she’s done

And so we scorn the codfish, and the homely hen we prize

Which just goes to show you that

It pays to advertise.

– Unknown

In a perfect world you wouldn’t need to advertise.  Everyone you would like to have as a customer knows you, what you offer, what makes you special, and knows that if they ever have a specific need, you are the best choice to help them.

So in our less than perfect world – how do you figure out where and when you should cackle in your market, to share the benefits of doing business  with you – and announce new products, services and special offers?

Sometimes the best approach is an ad.  But make sure your ad strategy is well thought out or you run the risk of wasting your money and reflecting poorly on your brand and reputation.

Build your ad strategy carefully, before you start writing the ad.  For example, think through:

  • Who you want to read your ad – your target audience
  • What your offer is – make sure it is compelling
  • When the ad should launch for maximum impact
  • Where you should place the ad – the appropriate media outlet and where within that media
  • Why your target audience would be interested in reading the ad, let alone respond to your offer
  • How you want a reader to respond

Think through the where – your media choices carefully.   Would your local newspaper work or is radio the better option?   How about a billboard, bus bench, high school stadium, etc.?  Evaluate your choices – you probably have plenty to choose from – and make your picks based on which ones will be the most effective in reaching your goals and the appropriate audience.

Once you’ve defined your goals and strategy, make sure your ads are designed and written to not only communicate your offer but to do so persuasively.  Remember – use copy that addresses benefits and statements that support what you’re doing for the readers – and avoid copy that focuses only on you.

So when you see the opportunity to cackle, be smart and strategic about how you do it to protect your brand and get the most out of your investment!

And as always we can help you with your cackle – contact me at 303-795-3539 or

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