I’m One of Those

Yes, I am one of those – I listen to music on my iPod while I ride my bike.  I only use the earbud in my right ear, so I can still hear the traffic, and I keep the music low so it’s really just background noise.

So why do I do that?  After growing up playing musical instruments I pedal to the music without thinking about it.  Without music I tend to daydream, solve world problems and pedal slowly.   So music in the background keeps me on pace with my goal of riding faster and training harder.

So what is your background music at work – what key message or motto do you hear in the back of your mind that reminds you of your goals, and subconsciously drives your behavior?

How about your employees? Do they have a motto in the back of their minds that drives what they do, or do you leave it up to them to define?   To be truly effective their motto should be in sync with your vision for their customers’ experience.  For example,  The Ritz-Carlton’s motto is:  “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.”   This message clearly sets the expectation of the level of service required.

Can you have a different key motto than your team?  I don’t think so – your primary message needs to embody your vision for your customer experience so it carries all the way through your organization. This vision will support your goals for shareholder value if you choose the right message.  And if your leadership team embraces the motto, models the behaviors and holds their teams accountable, the vision has a much better chance of being achieved.

So, define what you want your vision for your customers’ experience, boil it down to a meaningful  motto – share it, model it and reinforce it – and pedal on to success!

If you want to explore refining your message contact Lauren at 303-795-3539 or lauren@oconnellconsultinggroup.com.

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