Is There A Winner Here?

So I received an email from my health club asking me to review them on Google +. I’ve been a member for over 10 years and I really like the place, so I was happy to do so and gave them a 5 star rating.

A few minutes later I received an email from the club’s owner, thanking me for the review and telling me that the next time I’m in, I should stop by the front desk and pick up a free T-shirt as a token of his appreciation. What a nice gesture on his part and I definitely wanted a new workout shirt.

Here’s where it fell apart. When I went to the front desk to collect my gift the woman I approached had no idea what I was talking about and seemed quite incredulous I would ask for a T-shirt for simply giving a review. She asked the other woman working the desk if she knew anything about this and she said “yes take any of those up on the wall.” And another member who overheard this conversation and apparently didn’t realize I was within ear shot, said “really? She wants a free shirt for a review?” and the club’s employee rolled her eyes in agreement. As if it was the tackiest thing they had ever heard.

Not only did I not feel appreciated, I felt petty.

What a miss. This whole thing could have been avoided with the appropriate communication to the club’s staff on the program, and an explanation on how to respond to a customer who did what they were asked to do. And to again show appreciation by saying thanks for the review – and sharing how it helps them improve.

What a difference that would have made in how I felt when I walked away.

So if you ask a customer for a review, and want to make them feel appreciated, plan ahead on how the whole process is going to work and make sure everyone on your team knows what you’re doing, why, and how they can support the effort.

And if you need help in your customer experience evaluation and how you can enhance it, please contact me at 303-795-3539 or


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