John Adams’ To Do List

So you think you are busy – take a look at the to do list John Adams scripted en route to the Continental Congress in early 1776.  (Source: John Adams by David McCullough)

 The Confederation to be taken up in paragraphs.

 An Alliance to be formed with France and Spain.

 Ambassadors to be sent to both Courts.

 Government to be assumed in every Colony.

 Coin and Currencies to be regulated.

 Forces to be raised and maintained in Canada and New York.  St. Lawrence and Hudson Rivers to be secured.

 Hemp to be encouraged and the manufacture of duck.

 Powder Mills to be built in every Colony and fresh efforts to make salt petre.

 An Address to the Inhabitants of the Colonies.

 The Committee for lead and salt to be filled up, and sulphur added to their commission.

 Money to be sent to the Paymaster to pay our Debts, and fulfill our engagements.

 Taxes to be laid and levied, Funds established. New Notes to be given on Interest, for bills borrorowed.

 Treaties of Commerce with F. [France] S. [Spain] H. [Holland] D. [Denmark] &c.

 Declaration of Independency.

 Declaration of War with the Nation.

 Cruising on the British Trade, their East India Ships and Sugar Ships.

 Prevent the exportation of silver and gold.

 Not sure what some of these even mean but he was certainly a busy man!

It’s that time of year when you probably have your own to do list that’s a mile long. If it includes attracting new profitable customers or motivating your current ones to take a look at what else you have to offer, just give me a call – 303-795-3539 – we stand ready to help.



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