Little Things Do Matter

A while back my husband and I were interviewing two highly recommended financial service providers, trying to decide which one we thought would be best suited for our needs and one we could trust.

Both were highly qualified, had the experience, reputations and satisfied clients we thought were important in our selection criteria.  They were also both equally friendly, professional and asked the right questions.

So how did we decide between the two, knowing either one would probably work well for us?

The deciding factor was based on the smallest of things.  One of the candidates came to the meeting with his own cup of Starbucks coffee, which he proceeded to enjoy throughout our time together. He did not offer us anything to drink, so his coffee made him appear to be focused on his needs, not ours, which killed any chance he had of landing the deal.

It may seem crazy but your actions and non-verbals are extremely powerful in communications.  So please, demonstrate to your clients and prospects that they come first and make sure that is communicated with everything you do.

Speaking of little things – we are fast approaching the home stretch to the end of the year and everyone – especially your employees and customers – are experiencing the stress associated with the holiday season –  shopping, wrapping, packing, cooking, cleaning and welcoming family and guests.

We can probably all remember something small someone did at some point in preparation for the holiday to make coping just a little bit easier. So now’s a great time to remind yourself and your team that the little stuff does matter – and that you can make someone’s day by being especially nice this time of year.  The same applies to you – be extra nice to your employees and remember the stress that they are under.  Spread extra smiles, and remember to be generous with your expressions of a warm and sincere “thank you” every day.

Remember, the little things do matter.


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