Personalization – why it works

HubSpot discusses a study from the University of Texas on why we prefer personalization in marketing.  They state “we can attribute our preference for personalized experiences to two key factors: desire for control and information overload.”

Regarding control: “You’re not just getting what everyone else is getting with personalization. Instead, you’re getting something tailored to you. And because of that, it makes you feel more in control.

We also prefer personalized experiences “because they help reduce information overload. Or, more precisely, personalization can help reduce our perception of information overload.”

There’s more to the article – do you know what the sweetest sound is?  Read about it here too.



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One Response to Personalization – why it works
  1. Larry
    November 10, 2014 | 6:37 pm

    Erik has a good sense of humor. Interesting blog with good information. My RAS needs training in the sweetest sound category. Agree with his analysis, have never mastered remembering names. Don’t know about others but I often forget a name while still talking to them! Ugh, bad. Thankfully there are business cards and name badges.

    Good advice on personalization. Thanks.

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