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It’s just about allergy season and I am of course dreading the usual effects of those   awful pollens that attack me.  Can you relate?  There are 2 symptoms I hate the most – the first is that low energy feeling I get when the pollen counts are high. 

So when I saw an ad for Claritin – you’ve probably seen their “Claritin clear” ads – I was intrigued.  In these ads a person suffering from allergies describes this blurred, slow perspective of the world – and after taking Claritin their view is remarkably clear.  The copy spoke directly to me and my symptoms; I immediately related to the pain and decided to try Claritin.  And it works great – I am now Claritin clear.
It was all about the copy describing my pain – not a long list of symptoms but a focus on one symptom that resonated with me.
Second symptom – puffy eyes that make me look tired when I’m not.  So a display for eye crème screamed out to me to try it.  Why – because it focused on one symptom with a great headline “Tired of looking tired?”  Heck yes I bought some of that stuff!
So why am I telling you this?  Because focused messages in your ads and communications that speak to a single yet very important challenge for your prospects or customers can be so much more powerful than a laundry list of challenges or benefits.  Capture a reader’s heart by showing you can relate to their pain, and more than likely, they’ll buy what you have to offer.
Try it – choose carefully and identify the pain you want for your focus.  Be sure to work with a professional copy writer who knows both the art and science of how to craft persuasive messages that sell.  We can help – as always contact me at 303-795-3539 or reply to this email. 

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