Relax Your Hands

Did you know that one of the best ways to improve your performance while riding your bike is to relax your hands? That’s right – a tight grip on your handlebars wastes an incredible amount of energy. If I relax my hands, my shoulders drop into the right position and I’m reminded of the other things I should do to align my body correctly. And all that energy that went into my grip is now channeled to my core for balance on the down-hills and power to my pedals on the flats and hills.

relaxyourhandsSuch an easy thing to remember – doesn’t this sound like a great KISS (Keep it Short & Simple) example?

Most financial institutions these days have limited staff, budget and patience for results from their marketing initiatives. To get the most out of what you do and avoid wasting energy, think through the simple things you can do and build upon to improve your customers’ experience. This will help align your marketing strategies and tactics with your everyday operations and improve what you do to get new customers and deepen the relationships you have.

It could be as easy as how you approach customers and prospects when they walk in the door. Perhaps you’re one of the many financial institutions that talk about your friendly and helpful staff – always there to assist customers in their financial journey. But the reality is I have only visited one institution where everyone greets me with a smile – whether I’m a customer, prospect or potential vendor. In all other institutions, there’s always at least one employee who with words or deeds communicates the exact opposite. Either attitude is contagious – but only the warm and friendly smile delivered by all will align with your marketing investment if you’re building your reputation on this approach.

Think about having an objective audit done, to evaluate all the small yet impactful KISS actions that align with your key brand messages. For example, do all your employees really understand what you stand for – what makes your institution special – what sets you apart from the competition? Do your new accounts people feel like they are helping customers and providing a valuable service when they ask them thoughtful questions about their financial needs – and do they know how to do it? Or, are they afraid of being seen as a dreaded sales person?

KISS and fix the simple things you and your team may do every day – and you’ll find all your marketing initiatives will be aligned for greater success.

Just as I didn’t see the whites of my knuckles until my cycling coach* pointed them out to me, it may take an objective view to identify your KISS challenges to improve the impact and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. We’re here to help if this is the case – contact me at 303-795-3539 – or at to get started.


* Kathy Zawadski at The Fast Lab:

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