Sleepless Nights

David Mead, from Mead Consulting, recently put together a great list of worries that keep CEOs and CFOs up at night. Here are a few of them:
  • Is my company too passive? Have I spent too much time being internally focused? Is it time to take control and chart a new strategic direction for the business? If so, what is it? Are we missing opportunities?
  • How do I grow? Where do I find new growth…new profitable growth?
  • How do I maintain a focus on profit and cash flow, not just sales growth?
  • How can I gain a real sustainable competitive advantage?
  • We’ve made great progress…How do we take this business to the next level?
It’s likely these worries keep your clients and prospects up at night too.

Can you help them with these worries?

If so, make sure you are communicating your solutions in a manner that is compelling, so they see how you can help.  Your communications should clearly state what you can do for them, vs just what you do. Remember, everything you say should always be about the customers’ needs, vs what you offer.

Example: “We’ll help you automate your most time-consuming processes so you can get back to doing the things that will help drive more business.” (what you do for themvs. “We offer a full-service suite of products and services to help automate your business.” (what you offer)

Be sure to ask your customers and prospects what keeps them up at night, so you really know what solutions to address and communicate. And constantly refine what you say and how you deliver it as you learn more about what resonates and inspires action.

For the complete list go to Mead’s Issues for Growth blog. And once you’ve identified what keeps your customers up at night, we can help you attract more customers with marketing strategies that match the right audiences with the right messages, and clearly state what you can do for them.



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