So they “Like” you – but are they loyal?

Remember slam books in middle school? They were notebooks with the name of one person in your class at the top of every page. These books were passed around and your friends and peers would write what they thought of you on your page. So of course your true friends would say great things about you and the bullies would not – and let’s just say not too many of us have fond memories of these things.

Your Facebook company page is sort of like that – only online and in a public forum where anyone can view what others say about you. Each visitor has the opportunity to say they “like” you by hitting the thumbs up icon and an analysis by eVoc Insights reports that 59% of consumers have done so by “liking” a Facebook page in the past 6 months.

Like middle school popularity contests, many companies find value in “likes,” and reach out and ask for them with contests, etc – thinking this effort will pay back in loyalty from customers. In fact when marketers were asked what they thought it meant when a consumer “liked” their page in a 2011 study by the CMO* Council, a large percent answered “because they are loyal customers.”

Interestingly, 67% of Facebook users stated they “liked” a company page because they expected to be eligible for exclusive offers.

The study concluded that there was no evidence linking “likes” to customer loyalty.

So at the end of the day if you’re assessing your current involvement in Facebook, think carefully about focusing your resources trying to get people to “like” you. There are many more productive ways to spend your time and resources to generate loyalty, and more effective strategies using Facebook.

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