Time For a New Shirt?

What do you wear to work?   Are your collars frayed, cuffs dirty, with coffee stains helter-skelter?  Do you wear patterns and colors that clash or do you look like you dress in the dark every morning?

 Hopefully you’re chuckling right now and thinking of course not – what would my customers let alone my staff think?

Now take a look at the printed materials you give your customers and prospects.  Are you proud (enough) of them and more importantly, are your employees proud to hand them out?  Are these important documents, disclosures, rate sheets and account brochures representing your image as a trustworthy financial institution that cares? Or are they:

  • old, battered and crumpled

  • poorly copied Word or Excel pages – sometimes at an angle

  • outdated because you just haven’t taken the time to correct – or you’re hoping that a sticker is sufficient cover-up for old information

  • a bunch of disjointed papers and brochures that looks like something thrown together without a thought

  • not identifiable as coming from your institution and does not include your name, logo and contact information, let alone compliance copy

  • hidden somewhere so a banker has to hunt to find the information they need

People judge you by the clothes you wear – especially when they don’t know if they can trust you.  The same is true for the materials you provide.  Mind the gaps between how they look and the message you want to send and if it doesn’t align, fix it.

Now I’m not saying you need a slew of marketing brochures – you have a website for the people who want to know everything about all your products and services (by the way does your website represent your desired image?).

But the materials you use when a customer opens an account can be a workhorse for you if you develop them correctly.  Along with the personal interaction with your banker, your materials set expectations with your prospects for how they will be treated in the future, and provide information the customer wants for their financial needs now as well as later.  And if developed strategically they will guide the conversation for your new accounts team so they open the door to cross selling that’s relevant and effective, not intrusive.

So take a fresh eye to the things you hand your customers, mind the gaps in the image you desire vs. what your materials currently say about you, and buy some new shirts.  And of course, if you’re having trouble identifying your style, contact me at 303-795-3539 or lauren@oconnellconsultinggroup.com.


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