Trust:reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence” (

Trust is a big component of a strong brand. A prospect will do business with you if they trust that you will deliver on your promises – whether that promise is made through the reputation you’ve carefully established, an ad, or from a personalrecommendation. Customers trust that they will be treated in a certain manner and that you will stand by your commitments based on the expectation you’ve established.

Two key components are critical in building trust – what you say about yourself and what you do. Bain & Company says it best: “Credibility comes by telling the story of what a (firm) has to offer, not what it wishes to be. And that story also gets shaped by the daily interactions with customers.”

So to be trustworthy, you must clearly communicate to set expectations, and then deliver on them at every point of customer and prospect contact.

Do you clearly define for your team what has to happen at each point of contact? Perhaps you define how the customer should feel during and after the transaction, and let your people define how they will deliver that emotion. Not a bad approach if you have people who can do so each and every time. The key is making sure the right thing happens. So train your employees so the desired behavior becomes second nature and is delivered at every touch point. And tweak when necessary so your team always walks the talk.

Think about what your customers expect from you and make sure you’re doing it. And if you don’t know what they expect or if there are any gaps in your delivery – maybe it’s time to find out how to adjust your approach.

Contact me at 303-795-3539 or if you need help defining what your customers expect, how well they trust you to deliver it and what you can do to deliver it better.

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